Madame Endora's Fortune Cards

The fastest and easiest way to discover what your future holds. This original deck of fortune-telling cards offers insightful advice concerning matters of love, money, health and general prosperity. The lush artwork is based on Old World myth and lore, and blends Egyptian, Celtic and Fantasy themes in an elegant Art Nouveau style. Each card features its own unique fortune for a quick reading. An easy-to-use instruction booklet is included to provide detailed definitions as well as various traditional and original divinatory spreads. Boxed set contains 48 cards, size 3x5.

Featuring artwork by Christine Filipak
Boxed Set of 48 Cards, Size 3x5,
32-page Instruction Booklet,
ISBN 096757563X

Price $17

The Suits

Madame Endora's Fortune Cards are organized into original and expressive "suits" which provide a unique method of divination unlike any other deck in the world.

The Royal Court represent the people who have the most powerful influences in your life.

The Realm of Fable depict strange and fantastic personifications from Egyptian, Celtic and Greek mythology which represent outside forces that guide and influence, motivate and hinder, or otherwise affect your destiny.

The Bestiary represents various creatures of legend and superstition which teach valuable lessons and truths by reducing human character traits to their most primal animal instincts.

The Treasury represents valuable mystical treasures that will aid you in the attainment of your goals and prepare you in fulfilling your true destiny.

The Elements depict celestial bodies and various forces of nature that surround and influence us every day and exert specific energies which empower us in different ways.

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The King

The Queen

The Golem


The Siren

The Raven

The Spirit

The Chimera

The Chalice

The Dagger

Winds of Change

The Sun


I give this deck 5 stars.
It’s easy, beautiful and it begs to be used often.
Lilac Wolf, Pagan Writers Community

For a girl who loves romantic art, as I do, these cards are ideal.
Marie Bruce, Shimmer Cast Dreams, Scotland

I have been practicing divination with the cards for more than 15 years, both with tarots and oracles. A little more than a year ago, I found your “Madame Endora’s Fortune Cards” on the Internet and instantly fell in love with them. I decided to buy them on Amazon and when I got them in my hands I was flabbergasted, because they are just what I had always dreamed of finding in a deck! I do like the artwork and its atmosphere, both luminous and dark, showing that everything (and everyone) is composed of those two aspects. The roots of the characters and symbols used are especially well-chosen for the many different cultures they represent coexist in a rather harmonious way. All of these make this deck a very rich tool, and for somebody like me who loves mythology (which I study at the university, preparing a PhD in English Medieval Studies) and literary sources, it is just perfect! It has the feel of the “old deck” that could be used by a gipsy fortune-teller found in an old legend or fairy-tale and has some magic into it! These cards are so meaningful to me that I wrote a review of the deck on my blog.

Your cards are so beautiful. I appreciate them very much!!! Thanks for sharing your art with the community of people who love tarot and oracle cards :)
Elke Gebhardt, Germany

I received a deck of Madame Endora cards as a gift from my husband just before Halloween. I fell immediately in love with them. We went to a wonderful Samhain party and I dressed as a Seer. I carried your cards and did readings for all the people I encountered. Needless to say, I was very busy. People loved your cards, and the descriptions on them were wonderful and mystical. The artwork is superb.
     I have been a reader for over 20 years and I have a huge collection of cards. I am not exagerating to tell you that Madame Endora are my favorites.
     I am totally taken by the images on the Gothic Tarot deck as well. They make me feel... trancelike when I use them, in a different way than usual. They are not for all occasions, but there is a place for them in my work. A place that I did not know existed till I used them, and now they are irreplaceable.
     Thank you for your wonderful products. I look forward to carrying them in the store.
Brightest Blessings, Tina Frick, Spellbinders

These cards are just amazing... accurate and to the point of the matter. I bought a few decks as we will be doing a festival soon, and wanted to see how well they sell along with The Gothic Tarot by Joseph Vargo. I received them today and sold 5 of them as fast as I could get them out of the box. This deck is a must have deck for anyone who loves The Gothic Tarot by Joseph Vargo, you will find you will love Madam Endora's Fortune Cards just as much.
Aeclectic Tarot Forum

I have to tell you how beautiful your artwork is on the fortune cards. They are impressive and have even given some of our clients chills of anticipation as they are revealed during a reading. I have found that another way to use them as an oracle is to use the person's magic number. Mine happens to be 7. I ask a question, shuffle 3 times, cut the deck, gather the cards, then counting—place them face down until I reach the 7th card. That is the card I place face up. You can ask any question with this method to get a quick answer or guidance. I learned to read gypsy cards for divination (regular playing cards) when I was younger. Your cards are a lovely combination of the spirituality of Tarot and the straight forward answers of Gypsy divination. They have been a big hit since I added them as an option in our "reading menu." Just wanted you to know!
Blessings, Nikki

Besides being gorgeous, these are very fun cards to use. When I first worked with these cards I found their predictions surprisingly on the mark. One might argue that any cards could be used to divine the future, so why might this one be special? I find it special, and quite unique, because in these cards we so clearly enter the realms of legend, fantasy, and fable. We meet The Knight, The Minstrel, and The Maiden; see our friends (or ourselves) reflected in The Satyr, The Golem, or even green Medusa. Obstacles or opportunities before us are shown in The Gate, The Key, or The Talisman.
     There are no suits, but the cards are divided into several sections: The Royal Court (eight cards), The Realm of Fable (ten cards), The Bestiary (ten cards), The Treasury (twelve cards), and The Elements (eight cards). The card images are straightforward; each figure is generally shown against a lush backdrop or bordered by colorful scrollwork. There is a sense of the Old World here, without feeling truly archaic or ancient.
     The accompanying booklet is nicely written by Christine Filipak, who stirs a little superstition in with her insights. Card interpretations are clear and short, offering direct answers and evoking further thought or planning. It is very well laid out, with attractive fonts and illustrations. A solid instruction for reading the cards is provided, as are six interesting spreads. One spread I like, the Oracle of Kindred Spirits, brings together two people involved in a relationship. Each person asks questions, shuffles, cuts, and draws cards. This arrangement allows for close dialogue to take place, with the quieting effect of the cards acting as a unifier.
     Of all the card oracles that have come my way recently, this deck stands out for its simplicity and elegance. Its beauty and unusual effectiveness are immediate, and combine to create intriguing and very enjoyable readings. Take this one along with you, and have it ready for fun or serious inquiry.
Nellie Levine, Illumination Tarot

I want to mention how impressed I am with Madame Endora's Fortune Cards. Two things stand out strongly. First, the artwork is amazing. The cards that hold the feminine figures are, to me, compelling beyond the ordinary. They are so beautiful, they draw me; I can stare at them for hours. Hindrance, Seduction, The Seer, The Siren, The Maiden, Medusa, the artwork is extraordinary. Of the non-female archetypes, I really admire the artwork of the Harlequin, The Spider, and The Dagger.
     The second thing that stands out are they way the cards themselves and their meanings are organized. The way that they suggest and give voice to archetypal concepts, which all can recognize as relevant and real, regardless of what faith they consider themselves to be. These archetypal images interweave together, in a very simple but powerful way. They can answer a question, tell a story, or simply... suggest. I have watched these cards demonstrate themselves with a clarity that is unusual. You don't have to memorize scores of material in order to use them well. You simply have to be interested, open and willing to listen. The simplicity, cohesiveness and sense of wonder they inspire are very refreshing, and leave you feeling "in touch" after using them.
     I have seen nothing like this on the market, ever. You have something here that is brand new, and could really take the place of conventional "fortune telling cards" as we know them. I would not be surprised at all if 100 years from now Madame Endora's Fortune Cards became the mainstream choice, conventional Tarot cards having been swept to the wayside as too cumbersome and demanding of their users. Don't get me wrong. I adore Tarot cards. I have many decks. I love The Gothic Tarot that I purchased from you a while ago... But Madame Endora's Fortune Cards are the only cards of this sort that I have ever purchased a second time as a gift for someone else, after buying and enjoying my own set. What I mean is that I feel these cards are special; they are unusually beautiful and unusually usable.
V.X. Secreriat

Madame Endora's Fortune Cards arrived a little while ago. You did a beautiful job and we will be recommending them to everyone. As always, a pleasure doing business with you and will be back shortly to order the book and get subscription to Dark Realms. Thanks again and great job. The artwork is beautiful.
Lynda Conder

I received the fortune cards yesterday, and I cannot tell you how pleased I am with them! They are so beautiful and classy, and they work really well, too! I really appreciate the excellent service. I also bought The Gothic Tarot, and I am very happy with it as well. You and Joseph Vargo are extremely talented artists, and I know you will both go far. Good luck in everything you do!
Beth Wilder