International shipping has been discontinued

Shoppers outside the US may check Amazon in their country for our books & CDs. You can also check this list of Stores.

Paypal Accepted for US Orders

We accept Paypal for all transactions. Shipping prices are added during checkout. Paypal no longer displays a preview of the shipping amount. Paypal's new policy is to only show the shipping amount after you have entered payment info but before you confirm the final purchase. WE DO NOT PROCESS ORDERS BY MAIL. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHECKS OR MONEY ORDERS.

US Orders: First Class & Priority Mail

US shipping rates are applied to your completed order during the Paypal checkout process. Domestic rates also apply to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. First Class Mail is used for most light-weight items such as a shirt, 1 to 3 CDs, a few postcards or posters. First Class Mail is not insurable. For books and quantities of 4 or more CDs, we ship via Priority Mail which is insured by USPS. However, bear in mind that USPS is very slow to process domestic insurance claims during the COVID crisis.

Wrong Address

This happens so often it's not even funny. If your address has changed, but you forgot to update it in your Paypal account, and you've already completed the transaction contact us immediately. If the item has not yet shipped, we can cancel the order and refund the amount, or we can ship to your new address. You should also update and confirm your new address in your Paypal Account.

However, if the item was already shipped to your old address, we can only wait until the item is either returned to us, or hopefully forwarded to you by the US Post Office. We will NOT refund an order because we were provided with an incorrect address. Consider making a request at your old Post Office to forward your mail, or contact the current occupant at your old address to ask if they would "refuse delivery" which means the item will be returned to us by the US Post. It may cost an additional amount for us to mail it again to your new address, and returns of this type usually take a long time to come back to us. Alternatively, you could ask the current occupant to call you when the package arrives, then you can make arrangements to pick it up or have it forwarded to you, which would save you some extra shipping, especially if you live in the same city.

Late or Lost Mail

We are NOT responsible for late, lost or damaged mail. We rely on the US Postal Service to do their job, just as you do. If you believe that your mail is lost email us and we will provide a receipt of mailing and a description of the package so that your post office can conduct a search. We will likewise request a USPS search from our end.

Please ask yourself these questions before contacting us:
* Did you provide us with the correct mailing address?
* Is your name listed on your apartment index or mailbox, or are packages left unsecured in the lobby?
* Has it been 30 days since your order was placed?

Damaged Mail

Very important! Do NOT discard the shipping container or package. Take photos of any damage and email the photos to us. Report the damage to your post office. Your post office must file a damage report, including the tracking number, which they will send to our post office. This is required by the USPS to make a damage claim. We file the claim, then wait many weeks or months for the claim to be paid to us by our post office. UPS is a whole lot faster but still requires photo evidence. However, we will not make you wait, and will send a replacement as soon as you send us notice.


If we mistakenly sent you the wrong item or size, or if after opening a piece of sealed merchandise, you discover it is missing a part (such as a missing booklet or card), contact us immediately with your name and address, and describe the matter. If we made a mistake, or an item is defective, we will replace or correct it right away. Otherwise, we do not accept returns of opened, used or worn merchandise. Absolutely NO returns after 30 days.